Who can join the competition?

The Coup2boost competition is open to all the students enrolled this current year (2018-2019) in the predefined list of colleges and universities. If your school is not listed and you would like to register, please send an email to Lucie Roche, a staff member of the Coup2boost competition.

Which teams are eligible to join the competition?

To be eligible, you should at least be two members to form a team. Members of a team must be enrolled students but are allowed to come from a different school, university or student association.

How to register?

Send in your application and save your project by creating your own personalized space. This secured space will only be accessible by your team members thanks to a login and a password. You will be able to access your personal space and to update your application as many times as you want. Only completed application will be reviewed after submission closure on January 25, 2019 at 12.


What kinds of projects are eligible?

The competition is open to all kinds of student projects spearheaded by college or university students. All categories will be eligible such as: entrepreneurship, sports, digital, solidarity, art & culture, sustainable development, international and innovation. A project can be in severail categories at the same time.

In which language should I submit my application?

Your application and attached files must be in English. Any application submitted in another language will not be accepted.

What are the selection criteria?

After submitting your application (deadline date: Friday, January 29, 2019 at 12), your project will be reviewed by some representatives of STEF. They will choose 5 of their favorite projects.

How does the voting phase take place?

From Wednesday, February 13, 2019, all submitted and completed projects will be shared on the website.
Web users will be able to see all the student projects and vote for 3 of their favorite ones.
Web users will only able to vote for 3 different projects. Each voter will have to fill out a form (name, surname, mail address and campus) before submitting one’s vote. Only students and members of the administration are allowed to vote. Votes will be closed on Thursday, March 13, 2019.

How does the project defense take place?

Early April 2019, successful teams will be welcomed in an exceptional place in Paris. Teams will defend their project in front of the jury of STEF, but also in front of the members of the jury of the other partner companies in order to rank all the projects.

Will my travel expenses be covered?

Please contact Lucie Roche for further information - lucie.roche@coup2boost.com - +33 1 55 07 84 65


What can I win?

Whatever your project is, Coup2boost will allow you to make your project a reality thanks to these grants: